Check out our episode on the SPORTBIKEGRRLS podcast!

Creator and host Linda Solimine was gracious enough to welcome me as the second interviewee to her BRAND NEW podcast, SPORTBIKEGRRLS.

Ya’ll, I’ve been interviewed by quite a many beautiful souls since my big accident, but let me tell you something: this time things felt different. Although she’s barely hit the cusp of learning to ride, she already embodies the passion and strength of a true badass on two wheels. I was blown away by her awesome personality, intuitiveness, and overall joy during this experience.

This podcast has HUGE potential, and I’m so honored to be welcomed as Linda’s Guest.

Go on, check it out for yourself. I’m personally subscribed and I can’t wait to hear about all of the beautiful badasses lined up for her show.

Check her out on iHeart’s Spreker
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