3M Dual Lock > Velcro

It’s often assumed our products adhere to helmets using Velcro, but that’s not the case.

In the research and development phase of the Badass Helmet Bow, Brittany had a few challenges to overcome that she personally faced with other helmet bows on the market.

Before each ride she would have to double check that the Velcro was still properly adhered. The shape of other helmet accessories limited the Velcro’s ability to properly adhere, leaving a less-than-desirable contact patch to her aggressively shaped helmet.

Velcro, as a product in itself, wears out over time – thus impacting its ability to be truly interchangeable over an extended period of time.

A product was needed to withstand hundreds of reapplications without loosing functionality, and overcome the differences between helmet shapes to create a uniquely strong, durable attachment method.

The combination of the two types of 3M Dual Lock Attachment Strips used by BraapNation LLC creates the strongest bond possible without the threat of hurting the clear coat on helmets. It’s stronger than Velcro; during install you hear the strips attach to one another and can physically see the strips working. In addition to that awesomeness, 3M Dual Lock Attachment Strips are suitable for 1,000 reattachments, per 3M specs.

Please keep in mind, shit happens and nothing is perfect, no matter how hard we try. That’s why we include a 1- Year Warranty on every helmet bow we produce. We stand behind our products and if something happens to your helmet bow within that first year, we will replace it for free at no cost to you.

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