BraapNation Motorcycle Scholarship Application

BraapNation's philanthropic mission is to provide scholarship opportunities to womxn riders who want to learn to ride motorcycles, race, or attend motorcycle track days.

Scholarships are currently very limited, and priority goes towards Novice trackday riders and green riders interested in attending the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Beginners Riders Course or an MSF Dirtbike Course.

Scholarships are provided on a rolling basis as funding becomes available. Applications are cleared once a winner has been chosen; applicants may re-apply if not chosen.

Scholarship application fee is $10.

This application fee is placed directly into a scholarship application fund. 100% of these proceeds go toward this scholarship. Due to this scholarship not going toward a degree or official certificate, this product is taxed if purchased within the State of Georgia. If awarded this scholarship, a certificate will be granted to you via e-mail. This certificate is non-transferrable and must be used within 180 days of acceptance.