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Trackday Giveaway

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MSF Scholarship Testimonial

"4 days of learning, some intense hot weather, sweat that I didn't even know existed and a whole lot of hard work and fun...and I passed!! This was the most amazing experience, I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity. The feeling of not knowing how in the heck you are gonna do this and then you look through that curve and give a little lean and the bike just knows where you want it to go! We had the best instructors and Harley made sure we were taken care of in the heat. Now this girls needs to get her 2 wheels!! Thank you so much, women supporting other women is such an amazing thing!" - Toni M, recipient of MSF Course Giveaway, August 2022

Trackday Scholarship Testimonial

"I received a free trackday from BraapNation and it truly means so much. As a broke college student with expensive hobbies, it really allows me to be apart of this community more than I normally could! This is something that I truly want to get better at, and with every track event, I leave with a bigger sense of confidence and an understanding of what I need to continue working on. I am beyond grateful and excited to attend my first, ladies track day!" - Alyssa R, Recipient of Trackday Giveaway, June 2022

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*The above partners have graciously donated time, in-kind donation(s), discounts, and/or courses for BraapNation LLC giveaways. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) does not evaluate or endorse accessories or any other gear, motorcycle(s), patent, etc. They are included in the above list as the author and facilitator of MSF Courses in the USA. Interested in becoming a partner? Email and let us know how you'd like to help give back to the womens motorcycle community.