Trackday Checklist

So you’re going to your first trackday. Trackdays can be the best time you’ve had on two wheels: it’s hard to beat the feeling of an open track, when you and the machine dance across the race line, and let’s not forget the intoxicating atmosphere and comradery in the paddock. However for first-timers and newbies…

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3M Dual Lock > Velcro

It’s often assumed our products adhere to helmets using Velcro, but that’s not the case. In the research and development phase of the Badass Helmet Bow, Brittany had a few challenges to overcome that she personally faced with other helmet bows on the market. Before each ride she would have to double check that the…

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Check out our episode on the SPORTBIKEGRRLS podcast!

Sportbikegrrls Podcast Logo

Creator and host Linda Solimine was gracious enough to welcome me as the second interviewee to her BRAND NEW podcast, SPORTBIKEGRRLS. Ya’ll, I’ve been interviewed by quite a many beautiful souls since my big accident, but let me tell you something: this time things felt different. Although she’s barely hit the cusp of learning to…

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Let’s Make Motorcycling More Accessible to Women!

UPDATE: Since posting this video I have been in contact with the Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists for an exciting opportunity to move forward with this scholarship program! Stay tuned for an official release and updates on this incredible partnership. Big things are in the works!!! 😀

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Why I Ride

Image of girl riding a motorcycle

We seek an injection of pure epinephrine from two wheels attached to a symphony of explosions. Our soul intermingles with the machine, we are one. The smell of pristine air, fresh pine and roadkill flood my senses; But for what, the risk of collision, injury and death; For the risk that this sport will engrave…

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